Demo form for detecting reCAPTCHA 3 score

Detect your reCAPTCHA 3 score. Find out how bot you are according to Google.

Here you are gonna see your current reCAPTCHA 3 score according to Google for this website.
As practice shows a detectable score is approximately the same for any other web site.
It means that the nubmer you see here is gonna be identical for most of the web resources where reCAPTCHA 3 is used.

All possible values are from 0.9 to 0.1.
Where0.9 — probably a human, 0.1 — bot.
Values 0.3 and below are considered as very suspicious activity, these users are interpreted as bots.

Usually a low score makes reCAPTCHA 2 difficult to solve too, i.e. getting you more "screens" where you should mark cars etc.

{{ scoreMessage }}

Next check in {{ countdown }} seconds.

Too frequent checks may make worse this score, that's why an automatic interval check is set to 1 minute. It's not recommended to refresh your score often.

By the way, the service do solve the reCAPTCHA 3. And our extension will provide its support soon too!

Alternative Recaptcha v3 score detection

Here is the link to this frame window so you could detect the Recaptcha v3 score on a new tab page.

The explanation for check results

There might be, that scores of main and alternative checks are complitely differ. Which means that the Google not only takes into account the user`s credentials itself but also a surrounding context where the check is conducted. We mean the URL and surrounding HTML. But we don't know yet what to do with this information ;)